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8 Simple Thanksgiving Crafts Your Kids Will Love



Keep the kids happy, busy, and out of the kitchen this Thanksgiving with these fun crafts! All require minimal setup and cleanup (you’re welcome), and most use items you probably already have on hand. Stress-free crafts? You bet! Follow along for our favorites! 

Thankful Turkey

📷: A Dab of Glue Will Do

Your little turkeys will have a blast making this cute little guys from leftover cardboard, construction paper, and googly eyes. Extra credit if they write down what they’re thankful for on the feathers and share them with the table. Craft details HERE.

Pumpkin Pie

 📷: A Night Owl

Let them make a slice while they’re waiting for the real thing! All you need are some paper plates, orange tissue paper, brown cardstock, and cotton balls for the dollops of cream! Get the directions HERE.

Beaded Corn

 📷: One Little Project

Keep little fingers busy and encourage those fine motor skills with these colorful ears of corn! Just some pipe cleaners and colored beads and you’re all set. Details HERE.

Toilet Roll Pilgrims

📷: Mom Skills Blog

Give the kiddos free reign to craft an entire village of these adorable pilgrim and Native American characters. Save up those empty toilet rolls! Instructions HERE.

Fall Tree

📷: Simple Everyday Mom

A fun fall craft and science lesson all in one! Have the kids trace their arms and hands for the tree trunk and branches, and provide leaf stickers or leaf cut-outs from craft paper. One of the grown-ups or older children can talk about why leaves change color and fall from the trees each autumn. (For a quick refresher, click HERE!) Craft details HERE


📷: Finding Zest

This friendly scarecrow is too sweet to frighten any birds away, but they’ll look delightful hanging up your home! You probably already have most of the materials on hand, like paper plates, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and fun embellishments for the hats. Instructions HERE

Coloring Placemats 

📷: The Kindergarten Connection

For those precious extra few minutes to bring all the food to the table, keep the littles busy with these festive coloring pages that double as placemats! Download the free printable HERE.

Turkey Headbands 

📷: I Heart Crafty Things

It’s Thanksgiving, so we have to throw in another turkey craft for good measure! The kids can dress the part and gobble gobble with these super fun headbands made from craft paper, googly eyes, and a red balloon! Details and instructions HERE.


What are your kids’ favorite turkey day crafts? Show us using #MountainHouseCA!