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Best Recipes to Celebrate National Pasta Day



National Pasta Day is October 17 and our taste buds couldn’t be happier! We’ve rounded up 12 delicious pasta dishes from the classics to the more adventurous to enjoy with your family and friends this fall:





Classic spaghetti bolognese

📷: Food & Wine

But first, the basics. Master this dish and it’ll be your go-to comfort food and easy showstopper for impromptu dinner parties. More than 4,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong! Recipe HERE

Slow cooker baked ziti

📷: The Recipe Rebel

Pasta is a natural for the slow cooker. All those hours of braised-style cooking really allow all the flavors to develop. Come home after a long day to a house full of that delicious baked pasta aroma! Get the recipe HERE

Shrimp scampi

📷: Bon Appetit

If copious amounts of butter and garlic are wrong, we don’t want to be right! Serve this classic seafood dish over linguine or fettuccine for a quick and yummy weeknight dinner. Recipe HERE.

Pumpkin pecan pasta

📷: Brit + Co

Revel in the tastes of the season in this mouthwatering pasta dish. Pumpkin and pecan deliver the warm and earthy fall notes we’re all craving. Bonus: easily make this vegan by swapping out the cream cheese. Recipe HERE


 📷: Jessica Gavin

If you’re reducing carbs but still love pasta, zucchini noodles or zoodles are just the thing. They work well with most sauces, and we’re especially partial to pesto! Learn how to make them HERE


 📷: Allrecipes

Anything that calls itself ‘world’s best’ deserves a bit of skepticism, especially lasagna. What could possibly compete against your own tried-and-true recipe? But this one’s got more than 12,000 reviews, most of them five stars, so it’s probably a safe bet if you’re looking to try something new. Let’s broaden our horizons HERE

Vegetarian lasagna

 📷: Cookie + Kate

Celebrate your next meatless Monday with this fantastic veggie lasagna! Head to the Mountain House Farmers Market for all the freshest produce for this one. Get the recipe HERE

Vegan lasagna

 📷: Pass the Plants

Lasagna’s so good, we have to include a recipe for our vegan friends, too! Cashew cream is the secret weapon here and makes it rich and delicious. Recipe HERE.

Seafood with tomatoes and mint

 📷: Saveur

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, a harmonious blend of high space and cool mint will delight your taste buds in this seafood pasta.  Recipe HERE.

Classic macaroni and cheese

 📷: Damn Delicious

You’ll never pick up a Kraft or Annie’s box again after you’ve tasted this homemade version. And it’s so easy to make! The perfect thing on a cool fall day for kids and grown-ups alike. Check it out HERE.  

Fettuccine alfredo 

 📷: The Recipe Critic

Not for the faint of heart or those who are religious about their New Year’s resolutions, this alfredo is buttery and creamy next-level awesomeness on a plate. Mop up the sauce with fresh crusty bread. Get the recipe HERE.

Linguine with clams

 📷: Martha Stewart

This dish is a perfect example of how good, simple ingredients yield great flavor. We like serving it with clams in the shell for a pretty presentation (and they’re fun to eat!). Recipe HERE.

Have a delicious pasta day!