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Celebrate Earth Day at Mountain House



Did you know Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is April 22nd? While it may just be a holiday we celebrate once a year, it’s important that we protect our environment in little ways every day. Go green at home and incorporate some of these eco-friendly lifestyle changes into your daily routines. 🌎



Go Vegetarian for a Day

We’re not saying that you have to give up meat FOR-EV-ER to make a difference. Just try cutting out meat one day a week! If everyone in our country ate a plant-based diet for one day a week, we would save 100 billion gallons of water and 70 million gallons of gas! 

Turn off Your Appliances

Did you know that your appliances are wasting energy when you aren’t using them? Once you’re done brewing your morning coffee and toasting your delicious sourdough bread, unplug your electronics until you use them again. You’ll save money on your electricity bill and you’ll be saving energy.

Use Cloth Towels Instead of Paper

Think about how often you need to wipe up something in your kitchen or a spill in your living room. Now think about how many paper towels you use to clean up that mess. Investing in cloth towels will save you money in the long run and will help produce less waste. 

Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

Say hasta la vista to those single-use plastic water bottles and hello to a reusable stainless steel water bottle! You’ll be dramatically reducing the amount of plastic that goes into the landfills, and that will decrease the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from disposing of the plastic.

Go Paperless 🖥

It’s easier than ever to access bank documents and pay bills online, so why not get your bills sent to you electronically! Think of all the paper you’ll avoid wasting. Having everything online also means less things to keep organized around your house. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Add Some Green to Your Home 🌿

Besides being a fun decor element that looks good in your home, plants are a fun way to go green! Having plants in your house helps regulate the temperature through the moisture they release in the air. They also produce oxygen and absorb toxins! 

Recycle ♻

Recycling means throwing out less trash and actively making an effort to fight climate change. Instead of throwing away your plastic bottles and aluminium cans, invest in a recycling bin and bring those recyclable goods to a recycling center. This small step is an effective way to decrease the amount of carbon emissions, and select recycling centers will offer you money for (CRV) beverage containers.

Visit Your Local Parks and Trails

Paying a visit to one of Mountain House’s gorgeous parks is a great reminder of why we should make an effort to maintain nature’s beauty and become more environmentally conscious. Celebrate Earth Day at Mountain House by taking a stroll along one of the scenic trails (while practicing physical distancing).

By just doing something little every day to help the environment, you can make a HUGE difference for our planet’s future! Happy Earth Day! 💙💚