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Not So Typical Gingerbread House Inspiration


Is it finally the season of candy cane walkways and white frosting icicles? Creating gingerbread houses is a lively and festive activity that the kids are going to love. This week we are sharing some gingerbread inspiration so you can start constructing your first house. Throw on your holiday music playlist, grab the aprons, and get started on these unique gingerbread designs!





Chocolate Roof

a tasty chocolate tiled roof

Photo Cred and Design: Tuatha on Indulgy

Texturize and chocolate-ify your gingerbread house roof with the mini sizes of all of your favorites candies! Line the top with Hershey’s Kisses and you have a gorgeous chocolate roof...just remember not to leave this one in the sun. 😉


Stained Glass Window

sugar stained glass

Photo Cred and Design: Buzfeed & Tasty

These stained-glass windows will make your gingerbread house pop even more! Melt Jolly Rancher candies into your windows for an easy stained-glass effect.


Log Cabin

a layered log cabin

Photo Cred and Design: Mommyknows

Who says your gingerbread house is limited to one architectural style? Create a rustic log cabin with pretzel sticks, cinnamon sticks, or even chocolate Pocky. Line them along the sides of your gingerbread creation to craft the most adorable cabin replica.


Mid-Century Modern

mid century modern is stylish all year round

Photo Cred and Design: Atomic Ranch

Is it just us, or does this style of home scream mid-century California? Check out this guide by Atomic Ranch to create your very own Eichler-style home this holiday season.



simply stylized doors to decorate your tasty home

Photo Cred and Design: Momooze

Looking for more adorable door and window inspiration? The Momooze blog shares all of the secrets for elevating your door and window game!



a farm raise barn home

Photo Cred and Design: Country Living

Are you dreaming of a country Christmas? No matter what you celebrate, this edible barn will bring festive cheer and classic charm as a decoration in your home. For an extra challenge, try creating small gingerbread barn animals.


Pickup Truck

a candy covered car

Photo Cred and Design: Country Living

If you are looking to expand your gingerbread crafting expertise, this holiday truck will look perfect next to your new barn. Grab the pickup truck guide on Country Living and get rolling on this cute creation.



break out the nutcracker for this nutty look

Photo Cred and Design: The First Year Blog

In this gingerbread design by The First Year Blog, walnuts create the perfect roof tiles for a warm (and mouth-watering) effect. And the pistachio pine trees? It doesn’t get much better than that!


Palm Springs

look at the chocolate tubed palms on this house

Photo Cred and Design: A Beautiful Mess

Create another Southern California-inspired gingerbread house with this guide by A Beautiful Mess. The blossomed cacti flowers and palm trees will remind you of spring as you construct this desert home.

For an extra challenge (and even more deliciousness), make your gingerbread cookies all from scratch. This recipe makes enough dough for two gingerbread houses and walks you through the steps of creating the perfect shapes for a structurally sound house. To speed up the process, purchase a gingerbread house kit on Amazon or at your local grocery store. Have a great weekend everyone and happy decorating!