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How to Pamper Your Pet on National Love Your Pet Day

February is known as the month of love, and many of us will be showing our loved ones how much we appreciate them on Valentine’s Day. But, did you know there is a special day in February that is dedicated to showing our four-legged friends how much we adore them?! On February 20th, pet lovers all around the United States will be showing their furry or not-so-furry friends some extra attention on National Love Your Pet Day!  Here are some ways you can show your adorable BFF how much you care. 🐶🐱


Take your pet outside 🌿

Does your dog love playing fetch? Head over to Bethany Park where there’s plenty of room for you and your pup to enjoy some quality time together. If your dog is the kind of breed that has a lot of energy, take them for a run on one of the scenic trails that weave through Mountain House. View the variety of parks and trails you can enjoy with your furry family member on our website

Teach your pet a new trick! 😀

Does your pet know the most basic tricks? Teach them to wave goodbye or balance a treat on their nose. Making the commitment to teach your pet a new trick is a great bonding experience and keeps them mentally stimulated.

Take them to the vet for a checkup 👩‍⚕️

Taking your pet to the vet for a routine checkup will ensure they’re all caught up on their vaccinations and protect them from fatal diseases. A checkup can also detect possible problems early on before they become critical. 

Get them groomed 🛁

Purchasing a new outfit or getting a fun haircut are some of the special ways we treat ourselves when we need a mood booster, so why not do the same for your pet?! Take your pet to the groomer so they can get beautified and feel paw-some about themselves! 🐾

Get them a special treat 🍖

Swap out the dog bones from the grocery store for some more unique treats! Keep your furry friends healthy and happy by making them delicious homemade confections. Here’s a list of simple dog treat recipes that are made with five ingredients or less.  


Volunteer at a local rescue or shelter 👍

If your lifestyle isn’t ideal for a pet, you can still show animals some love for National Love Your Pet Day! 💞 If you have some free time, sign up to volunteer at a local shelter or rescue. The Animal Rescue of Tracy relies on volunteers to help take care and find homes for the animals who are in need. If you can’t donate your time, consider dropping off some pet food, treats, or toys. 

Adopt a pet 🐕🐈

If you’re looking to add a furry member to your family, try adopting an animal from a rescue or shelter! By adopting your pet, you would be giving a shelter animal the best gift of all—a loving family. 🤗   


However you choose to spoil your four-legged friends for National Love Your Pet Day, we hope you show them some unconditional love and give them an extra little cuddle on this special day!