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Fun New Hobbies to Start at Mountain House for National Hobby Month!



January is National Hobby Month, and we couldn’t think of a better time to start a new hobby or master a new skill than the start of the new year! Hobbies are an awesome way to relieve stress, foster social connections, and give you the opportunity to pursue your passions that aren’t associated with your work or other responsibilities. 



Need some ideas to help you pick your next hobby? We’ve come up with a variety of activities that are educational, active, and fun! The best thing about these hobbies is that you can do them all at or near Mountain House.  


Mountain House has beautiful scenic views that are just begging to be captured. Grab your camera and head to one of our parks to start shooting! Ready to start taking photos with people who live around Mountain House? The MH Photography Club is an informal group of photography enthusiasts of all levels that reside in or near the community. Join them at one of the meetups, or grab some friends and have a spontaneous shoot. 


Did you make a commitment to make fitness a priority in 2020? Start playing tennis! Join the Mountain House Tennis Club and start playing singles or doubles with your neighbors. Tennis is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and meet new friends. If you feel up to the challenge, you can even compete in Mountain House’s tennis tournament! 



Gardening is a hobby that people of all ages can enjoy! It can promote a healthier diet, keep you active, and lower your grocery bill. Exercise your green thumb at Mountain House by becoming a member of the Mountain House Gardeners on Facebook. Get ready to get your hands dirty and start growing your own garden! 

Owning a Pet

If you have a lifestyle that is ideal for owning a pet, training them can be a great hobby! Head over to Bethany Park or Questa Park where you’ll have plenty of room to teach your dog how to play fetch and get them some much-needed exercise. You can also take them on a run along the creek or any of the trails that weave through Mountain House. There’s several parks that are ideal for teaching your dog new tricks or basic commands so you can bond with your furry friend. View the different parks and trails you and your pup can enjoy on our website!

Flag Football

Are you searching for a way for you or your child to stay active? Mountain House offers an adult and youth Flag Football League! Enjoy spending time with your neighbors while staying active! Keep your eye out for the start of the 2020 season on the league’s Facebook page. 

Kumgang Taekwondo

Get educated in the philosophy of martial arts by learning Kumgang taekwondo. Instructors offer a range of styles suited for different ages, and all experience levels are welcome! Kumgang taekwondo is a great way to stay fit, get disciplined, and helps students develop positive life skills that anyone can use to conquer life’s obstacles. They also offer classes for kids so your whole family can join in on the fun!  


Whether you’re looking to be more active or flex your artistic side, Mountain House is the perfect neighborhood to ignite a new passion and discover what you’re capable of. We wish you the best of luck on your road to discovering your new hobby!