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7 Ways To Show Your Parents Love on National Parents Day

This Sunday, July 26th, is National Parents Day! Our parents mean the world to us, and between work, school, the kids, and home improvement, sometimes making the time to show our parents how much we care for them slips our mind. This Sunday, clear your schedule and take the day to show your parents some love! Here are seven unique and thoughtful ways to show them how much they mean to you this National Parents Day.


Plan an Outing 🧺


Planning an outing is fun (and safe) for the whole family! Stay socially distanced from others and visit a new hike or walking trail in your area. Bring some of your favorite snacks and lemonade to the park to enjoy some fresh air and picnic in the breeze. Even grabbing take-out food from a local restaurant and eating in the backyard is a fun way to switch things up and support a local business, all while spending time with your parents.

A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words 🖼


Sharing photos of you and your parents during an amazing family vacation, special anniversary, or holiday is the perfect way to capture those special moments. Airplay your photos to the television for a slideshow, bring up photos on the iPad, or go the extra mile and design a personalized photo book with pages filled with all of the best memories. Photo books are super easy to create! Visit Shutterfly, Walgreens Photo, Chatbooks, or another related service to get your photo book shipped to you ASAP! Have the book shipped to you for no-contact delivery and present your parents with memories that they can view over and over again. 

Invite Them to Dinner 🍜


There is something so collaborative and cathartic about cooking with loved ones, and nothing says family like a family dinner night. Some of the best and most inclusive dinners are build-your-own pizza night, taco bar night, family-style serving, and baking nights. Invite your parents over and have them bring their favorite dessert recipe to bake together! Throw on some music and enjoy an evening of everyone’s favorite foods!

Home Video Night / Sports Marathon 🍿


Do you have any home videos stored in a box somewhere? You can easily get home movies converted from VHS to digital with services online so they can be downloaded, shared, and played on the living room TV. Invite your parents over and pop the popcorn for a night filled with memories, storytelling, and laughter as you relive some of the best memories together. Take it one step further and invite them over for a sports marathon, complete with snacks, beer, and BBQ! They will appreciate the time you take to kick back and cheer along with them.

Help Them Around the House / Backyard 🏡


Especially for those parents whose love language is acts of service, helping your parents around the house is one of the best ways to show them that you care for them. As some of our parents are getting into their older age, helping them to do chores that require lifting, squatting, climbing ladders, and power tools can be a great help to them, and show them that you are there for them this Parents Day. Volunteer to mow the lawn, reorganize the attic, or hang some string lights on the back patio! Little things like this show you care!

Game Night 🎲


This one is pretty self-explanatory! You can’t beat a good ol’ fashioned family game night! But this time, show them a new game you and your friends have been loving. Whether it is JackBox Games, Throw Throw Burrito, Cards Against Humanity, or a new video game, have fun and keep the games rolling.

Your Love & Time 💘


Of course, the number one thing all parents love is quality time. This Parents Day, ask them about family history, your upbringing, and allow them to share the family legacies with you. You might learn something that informs your current life or has shaped you into the person you are today. Hearing the family stories feels so holistic in the context of you, and parents love sharing the stories. 


We hope that you can spend time with your parents (and kids, too) this National Parents Day! Show your parents you care by taking one of our tips, or finding the love language that is right for you! Have a great day everyone and spread love this weekend.