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National Best Friends Day

They have been there for the good times and the bad. They allow you to be yourself, are emotionally supportive, and they are your favorite partner in crime. It’s your best friend! 🤗 This special person is one of the most important relationships in your life and your dearest friendship deserves to be celebrated. That’s why on June 8th, we recognize National Best Friends Day!  

If you are lucky enough to be quarantined with your best friend, you can celebrate this fun occasion together! If you happen to be apart on this holiday, we have some fun ways you can honor your unique bond from a distance. 😀

Virtual Brunch 🥞 

Pop open some bubbly and cook up waffles for this special virtual brunch! Hop on a Zoom meeting with your BFF and catch up on the hot gossip.

Tip: Make your background the same so it feels like you’re dining in style together!

Create a Slideshow Starring You Two

Being nostalgic together reminds you of your special bond and will put both of you into good spirits! Make each other a slideshow full of your favorite memories spent together and present them like a class project.  

Go to a Virtual Museum Together 🖥

Experience a night of culture and travel the world with your closest friend from the comfort of your couch! Take turns picking museums to tour virtually and pick out your favorite artworks together. Here’s a list of virtual museum tours you can take for free!

Send Homemade Cards

Break out your colorful paper and channel your inner artist by making a card to send your best friend! Anyone can go to the store and pick up a greeting card, so why not show your best friend how special they are. All you need is something to color with, a sweet sentiment, and their address to bring a smile to their face.  

Watch a Movie 🎬

Do you and your best friend have access to Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime?  Watch a movie together over the phone or on Skype. It’s a fun and interactive way to share an experience while far apart.

Tip: Pick a film that you both love or saw together in the theater. Extra points if you both quote it all the time!

Take an Online Workout Class 💪

You may not be able to attend a local spin class with your ultimate workout buddy, but you can still get in a workout from home! Put on your most fashionable workout gear, get on FaceTime,  and visit YouTube to look up different kinds of online fitness classes available. 

Get Crafty

Have you taken up any artistic hobbies during quarantine? Show off your new skill by making something for your partner in crime! Not into crafts? Make your friend a customized friendship bracelet with their nickname or an inside joke written on it. Here’s a kit with all the tools you need. 


No matter how you spend this special holiday together, we hope you and your closest friend create memories that are priceless! 💛