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6 Peachy Recipes for Summer 2020



Happy summer, folks! Did you know that we are in prime peach season in California? Peach season happens in the warmest months, generally from mid-May to mid-August, which puts us at prime time. This week, we’re throwing six of our favorite peachy recipes your way. These recipes range from appetizer to snack to - of course - dessert. Whether you are camping, enjoy using the oven or not, are vegan or gluten free, we have a recipe for you! Enjoy!


The Campfire Cobbler 

What would a peach recipe list be without starting with a classic peach cobbler? I know for us, peach cobblers always remind us of camping during the summer, and for all of you looking to get out of town for the weekend, a campfire peach cobbler is the way to go for dessert. The ingredient list is short and uses Bisquick pancake mix to make it easy to whip up at home or at your campsite!Peach Recipes

Peach-Bourbon Upside-Down Cake

This recipe is all about layers. Layering the peaches at the bottom of the bundt cake pan allows them to caramelize and soften as they bake. Flip it over for the perfect shiny top of a delicious upside-down cake!

Campire Cobbler

Peach and Arugula Salad

This is the salad we want to see on my summer lunch plate! It looks filling, refreshing, and oh-so-Insta-worthy. Just look at it! Arugula brings a crisp bite and is balanced with all of that peachy sweetness. This salad sounds perfect for weekend brunches, backyard dinners, and aromatic appetizers. Enjoy, and let us know how it tastes 😆

Peach Arugula Salad

Peach Salsa

For your multipurpose use, peach salsa is the sweetest dip to make this summer. With grilled chicken, fish, or tortilla chips, this salsa will be brightening up your palate and snack game. And best of all, it easily stores in a container in the fridge for week-long snacking and dipping! Yum!

Peach Salsa

Georgia Peach Ice Cream

We couldn’t complete our list without a cool peachy snack for the summer. For dessert,  you don’t always want to be turning on your ovens and making the house even warmer. Cool off with Georgia peach ice cream, that is made with just six ingredients! And of course, this serves almost too perfectly with the peach cobbler above.

Peach Ice Cream

Easy Peach Crisp (VG & GF)

For any vegan or gluten-free folks, whip up this super-quick peach crisp this summer! This sweet crispy bake takes only 10 minutes to prepare and will leave your home smelling sweet and toasty! Enjoy this recipe with the peach ice cream above or with your favorite non-dairy ice cream for the peachiest dessert there is. 

Peach Crisp


Whether you’re a frequent peach buyer or not, these recipes are sure to make peaches a staple on your summer grocery lists. Be sure to try out the recipes with your loved ones and let us know what you think. Have a good week everyone!