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Celebrate the Fourth of July

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.... sing along with us! Did you know that the inspiration for America the Beautiful came from Pike’s Peak in Colorado? The lyricist, Katharine Lee Bates, hiked to the top of the mountain and described what she saw as, “a sea-like expanse.” Her poem, which later would turn into the song by composer Samuel A. Ward, speaks of the beauty of America. It paints the picture of the scenery Bates saw, and the idea that we are all the same. We are all truly one, from sea to shining sea. 



Believe it or not, this song and its message are timely today. This Saturday is the Fourth of July, a holiday that celebrates America’s independence and the freedoms it has given so many people. With our ever-changing world, here are some kid-friendly and educational ways to celebrate the USA with your family and loved ones!

Watch a Movie 🎬


There are many movies that share parts of American history AND make for an enjoyable family movie night! The Sandlot takes place around the Fourth, making it a great throwback flick for the fam. National Treasure shares the story of a man who must steal the Declaration of Independence, and is super action-packed! The miniseries This is America: Charlie Brown shares mini lessons of American history, such as the building of the transcontinental railroad, the presidency, and the birth of the Constitution. And perfect for the entire family, Night at the Museum is embedded with a lot of American history, and a dinosaur skeleton that will make you gasp!

Backyard Games 🤸‍♀️


Backyard games make the Fourth even more fun for the kids! Set up a red, white, and blue-themed balloon pop, bottle ring toss, or backyard bowling. Get the kids in on the fun and have them help you paint and decorate the backyard for even more USA spirit. They’ll love the games - and you’ll love the memories. Visit 12 backyard games for even more ideas!

Food, of Course! 🍉


What is the Fourth of July without some good cookin’? Experiment with all of the red, white, and blue foods you can! Try these firecracker rice crispy treats, American flag kabobs, or just have fun decorating smoothie bowls with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas! Of course, fire up the barbecue for hotdogs, veggie burgers, roasted corn, and grilled asparagus, and make sure to time your meal perfectly for the backyard sparkler show. 

Sparklers ✨


One of our favorite Fourth of July memories is the sparkler show at the end of the night. Grab a box (or two 😉) and let your kids light up the backyard! Play music and turn it into a dance party! Pro tip: If you have a long-exposure camera, set your shutter speed between 15-30 seconds, and make nighttime sparkler art! Make sure to supervise your children while using sparklers.

Have Honest Conversations ❤️


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American history is happening all around us every day. The world is changing quickly, and this Fourth of July is an amazing opportunity to have open and honest conversations with your children about acceptance, tolerance, love, and current events in our country. When they grow up, they will appreciate that you took the time to educate them and allowed them to see the world through a different lens. 

We hope you have an amazing Fourth of July with your family! Set up some backyard games, make some yummy food, and share some true American history with your kids. Thanks for reading the blog this week. Happy Fourth! 🇺🇸