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Celebrating the Great Indoors


While warmer weather usually means the start of outdoor activities, the “new norm” means embracing the indoors and coming up with creative activities to keep the kiddos occupied. Are your kids going a little stir crazy? Are you over them playing video games and spending all of their free time on their electronic devices? Here are some creative indoor activities that will get your child’s creative juices flowing. 



Bring the Outdoors In 🏕

Enjoy the fun aspects of camping without having to deal with mosquitoes! Pitch a pop-up tent and prepare some s’mores for your backyard camping adventure! Would you rather take your camping escapades indoors? Have the kids help you build a blanket fort in the living room and put on an adventurous movie for them to watch. 

Storytime! 📚

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary activity for your young ones. Snuggle up on the couch once a day for storytime and play an audiobook of your favorite book from your childhood. After each storytime, ask your kids about their favorite parts or characters. Here’s a list of classic books for your kids to enjoy!

Karaoke Party 🎤

You don’t need a karaoke machine to have a fun karaoke night with the family! You just need something that resembles a microphone and the stage presence of Freddie Mercury. Embrace your inner rockstar by dressing up in your flashiest outfits and look up your favorite songs on YouTube (make sure the captions are on 😉).

Have a Scavenger Hunt 

Take the game of “I Spy” up a notch by making your kids an indoor scavenger hunt. The great things about scavenger hunts for kids? They’re inexpensive, you can create the theme, and the game will take some time to complete. We found some ideas on how to execute your own little amazing race around your house! 

Get Your Bake on! 🍪 

It seems like everyone is attempting to make bread right now, so try making a concoction that’s on the sweeter side with your kids. Making cakes and cookies with your children gives them the opportunity to decorate and let their artistic side come out! We’ve found a list of delicious recipes that will satisfy the whole family’s sweet tooth!

Channel Your Inner Scientist ⚗

Just because the school year is coming to an end doesn’t mean the kids can’t have some educational fun at home! Have the kids get decked out in their mad scientist attire and head to their laboratory (aka kitchen) to conduct some science experiments. Here’s a list of some cool experiments you can do with the kiddos with everyday items! 


We hope these fun ideas will keep the kiddos entertained and allow for some screen-free family time!  😀