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National Hamburger Day


Barbecue season is fastly approaching, which has us thinking of America’s most iconic food, the hamburger. Did you know that Americans eat roughly 50 BILLION burgers a year?  That’s why it makes total sense for Americans all over the country to celebrate National Hamburger Day on May 28th! 

We know a traditional hamburger can satisfy your savory craving, but why not try a new spin on this diner classic! Here are some of our favorite burger recipes that you should make the next time you fire up the grill! 🔥


Nacho Burger

Looking for a crowd-pleasing burger that incorporates everything you love about nachos? This savory delight comes with gooey cheese, fresh salsa, and crunchy tortilla chips. YUM! 😋

Inside-Out Cheeseburger

It’s hard to name something more comforting than a classic cheeseburger. If you want to put a fresh spin on this world-famous sandwich, stuff your patty with some American cheese!

Chicken Burger with Spicy Peanut Sauce

For those looking for a chicken burger, this Thai-inspired dish will add some spice to your life with the delicious and tangy peanut sauce.

Beet and Chickpea Burger

Don’t be put off by its bright color! This antioxidant-rich sandwich offers a satisfying earthy flavor and is one of the healthiest ways to indulge your burger craving.

Pimento Cheeseburgers with Bacon Jam 🥓

Bacon makes almost EVERYTHING taste better! This sweet and meaty jam paired with pimento cheese will taste like a bite of heaven!

Spinach Feta Turkey Burger

A healthy burger you can have for breakfast? Sign us up! 😍 This burger patty is packed with protein and will definitely keep you full until your next meal.

Guacamole Burger 🥑

Do you really live in California if you don’t want to put guacamole on everything? Whether you make your guacamole fresh at home or purchase it premade, it’s a game-changing ingredient for your summer barbecue staple.

Bahn Mi Burgers

This American take on the popular Vietnamese-style sandwich was made to be enjoyed during the summertime. We love the refreshing crunch from the pickled carrots and jalapeños! 🥕

Stuffed Onion Soup Burger 

Trust us, after consuming this delicious burger, it will be difficult to imagine having onion soup in any other form. It’s a total Gruyère-or-go-home situation

Crispy Mushroom and Muenster Cheese Sliders

This bite-size take on a meatless burger is packed with flavor! You’ll have trouble only eating one or two of these cheesy appetizers.


Whether it’s meatless or loaded with bacon, we hope you enjoy celebrating one of the most irresistible sandwiches ever created! 🍔