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Reinvent Your Thanksgiving Dessert

Traditional Thanksgiving desserts usually come in just a few forms. We don’t know about you, but we usually see pumpkin pie and maybe one other type of pie as dessert at Thanksgiving, hardly ever realming into a new dessert category. That is why this week, we are sharing a few of the most delicious and Thanksgiving-inspired desserts to bring to the dinner table this year. Check out the recipes, and then let’s get creative this year!



Sourdough Cinnamon Roll Twist Bread

Cinnamon Toll Twist Bread

Photo Credit: Ahead of Thyme

There will not be any leftovers after you bring out this gorgeous braided cinnamon bun. Fair warning for this recipe, you have to let your dough proof overnight, so this is definitely not a last-minute recipe. However, the results are a chewy and salty dough contrasting with a sweet cinnamon-sugar filling. Your entire family will love this for dessert!

Mississippi Mud Pie


Photo Credit: Olive Magazine

This Mississippi Mud Pie is filled with coffee ice cream and topped with a fudge layer, all inside of a chocolate crust for a multi-textured dessert that is as sweet as it is addictive! This dessert is perfect for the ice cream lovers in the family and will be a definite family fave. Print the recipe now!

Pumpkin Blondies

Pumpkin Blondie Recipe

Photo Credit: Love From The Oven

Blondies are the best of everything you love in a dessert. They’re chewy, they’re warm, and they’re crumbly. They have the most incredible bite and texture ever, and you are absolutely going to love them. Make the recipe your own by folding in nuts, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or whatever your family loves! 

Vegan Pecan Pie Bars

Vegan Pecan Pie Bars

Photo Credit: Be Plant Well

Take the classic pecan pie and turn it into a bar this Thanksgiving! These handheld desserts don’t require any dairy or egg, and are entirely vegan! Make sure to use real maple syrup for an authentic maple flavor that enhances these chewy sticky treats. After baking, make sure to give them time to set up, or even set in the fridge, so they hold together in one bar. Enjoy!

Easy Pumpkin-Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwhiches

Photo Credit: DAVID MALOSH / Martha Stewart

If you are running short on time this hectic holiday season, whip up these easy Thanksgiving ice cream sandwiches. They are made by purchasing 24 store-bought gingerbread cookies and pumpkin ice cream. Throw a 1/3 scoop of ice cream into the cookies, freeze, and you’re done! Experiment with different cookies, ice creams, or toppings to press into the exposed sides of the ice cream in the sandwiches. Press on sprinkles, nuts, or M&Ms, and you’re ready to eat!


Try out a unique dessert this Thanksgiving! From ice cream sandwiches to blondies, there is so much room to have some fun in the kitchen. We hope everyone has a festive, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving.