Stay Informed!

Mountain House Town Hall

The Mountain House Town Hall building is now the central office location for The Mountain House Community Services District (MHCSD)

Back in March, the MHCSD relocated to the corner of Main and Providence street but due to COVID-19, was not able to hold a gathering to celebrate. This building will be the home to many employees that make Mountain House run smoothly and swiftly, and marks the first time that Mountain House residents will have an indoor community space. 

“When they take off the limit on public gatherings, we’ll have our function,” said Steven Pinkerton, general manager of CSD, “We really want the whole community to celebrate this.

The interior of the two-story building includes a community room, the CSD board’s meeting room, a visitor’s counter, and CSD government offices. Behind the visitor’s counter is a room with cubicles for the amazing Mountain House staff, conference rooms, and file rooms.  

Just west of the town hall is the new 21,000-square-foot library, with a newly expanded book collection of about 20,000 books. After all, the Mountain House population, sitting at about 22,000, is expected to double in size eventually, and the new building is designed to serve a community of that size.

For now, keep up to date with the MHCSD website, MH Facebook, and Twitter for more community updates regarding a town hall celebration, community events, and more!

Pinkerton said that three flags that represent the USA, the state of California, and Mountain House are now proudly flying outside. If you happen to drive by, be on the lookout for the beautiful flags of Mountain House pride.