Stay Informed!

Updates from Lammersville Unified School District

Hello Lammersville Unified School District parents. With school going back in session in the most unconventional way, we wanted to share some updates from LUSD. Of course, for full updates, information, and contact information, visit them online here.

Parent Resources

For those parents looking to find more information on troubleshooting Chromebooks, your home internet, how to use Sora for e-reading, daily routines, virtual etiquette, and more, visit this webpage for video tutorials. Parents may also access grade-specific resources here. This guide covers all of the technology-related troubleshooting questions. Be in the know and visit the sites today!

Lammersville Virtual Learning Academy

Lammersville Virtual Learning Academy (LVLA) is a home-learning partnership between parents and credentialed teachers to deliver high-quality curriculum to students. These programs offer standard-based instruction using LUSD curriculum, highly qualified teachers, personalized learning plans, interactive lessons to engage your students, teacher support hours, and more! Read more on the website to learn about LVLA and get all of the resources you need. 

Free Meals

Beginning September 8th, LUSD will provide FREE meals to all children under the age of 18. They will be distributing food on Tuesdays (two breakfasts and two lunches) and Thursdays (three breakfasts and three lunches). LUSD requests that families place an order to ensure there is plenty of food for everyone. This can be done by creating an account here and adding your student to your account. You will only see choices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please indicate whether you would like a vegetarian option or the regular meal choice (could include beef or chicken). Learn all the steps for verifying your students ID and getting their meal by visiting the website. 

School-Specific Information

Each school in the district might have different updates regarding learning, meal distribution, and more, so visit your school’s specific website for more detailed information. 


We wish our Mountain House students an amazing return to school this fall and know that they will make us proud as always! To contact LUSD, visit this form on their website.