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Bring At-Home Activities Outside!




Are you and your little ones getting antsy while cooped up at home? Now that we are spending more time in our humble abodes, many of us are looking for a change of scenery and taking advantage of the great outdoors when possible.




woman with dog at park

Did you know that some of your at-home activities are easy to enjoy while surrounded by nature? Check out the ways we are doing traditional at-home activities outdoors at Mountain House!


Get Your Fitness On

Searching for some variety while trying to meet your daily fitness goals? Many of us have been looking for innovative ways to work out without going to a gym. Mountain House offers spacious parks with scenic trails, sports fields, and children’s play areas so the whole family can stay active! 🏃‍♀️ To help get you started, here is a helpful equipment-free workout you can enjoy in one of our park’s open spaces or in your own backyard.

sports girl black top training at park


Make the Sidewalk Your Canvas 🎨

Drawing is a creative indoor activity that can reach new heights when done outdoors! Creating chalk art on the sidewalk or your driveway is a classic, family-friendly activity for a reason. Kids can let their imaginations soar with colorful drawings that can make them feel like they're in outer space or in the deep blue sea. Try using this handy washable chalk paint for vibrant colors that are easy to clean up.

little girl draws with chalk pavement


Watch a Movie in Your Backyard

In 2020, many of us have been streaming more movies from the comfort of home. Looking to enjoy a film in a different venue besides your living room? Head to the backyard for a DIY backyard cinema! 🎥 Set up a tent, get a WiFi projector, and make delicious snacks to enjoy while watching your favorite blockbuster! This magical setting captures that nostalgic feel of a drive-in without having to leave your home.


Journal at Hansen Park

Did you know that journaling a few times a week can make you a happier person? Writing about your feelings can be a meditative and therapeutic practice. While it’s nice to write in your cozy bedroom, journaling in the outdoors can help you connect with nature and stay present. Grab a blanket and head over to beautiful Hansen Park to get some vitamin D while journaling. 📓


Meditate in Your Outdoor Living Space

When was the last time you meditated? 🧘 Whether you’re looking for spiritual enlightenment or just a way to relax, meditating can help you stay focused and mindful. If you are a beginner, try setting up a yoga mat in your backyard and putting on this guided meditation to help you get started.

young caucasian woman practices yoga lotus position on grass


We hope these tips add a little spice to your everyday life, and help you and your family reconnect with nature. 🌳