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Keep Calm and Chill Out on National Ice Cream Day



Did you know July 18th is National Ice Cream Day? Ronald Reagan established this sweet holiday in 1984, which sparked crazy cravings nationwide for this delicious dessert. Don’t want to head to your local grocery store to pick up your favorite flavor of this frozen delight? Try making your own at home with an ice cream maker.



hand holding ice cream waffle cones

From classic flavors like vanilla to more experimental combinations, we’ve found these decadent recipes that will inspire you to whip up something fun to help you cool off this summer.



Who needs iced coffee when you have this caffeinated dessert on hand. This Coffee Ice Cream is the perfect afternoon treat when you need a little energy boost. Enjoy it with some chocolate syrup and whipped cream for a frappe vibe.


Creamy Rhubarb

The ideal balance of sweet and tart, this unique Rhubarb Crumble Ice Cream has a semi-frozen texture of gelato and offers a rich taste that nobody can resist.


Vegan Avocado

hand holding vegan avocado ice cream waffle cone

Is someone in your family vegan or lactose-intolerant? No problem. They can still enjoy a scoop of this refreshing Vegan Avocado Ice Cream. This velvety-textured treat offers a healthier alternative to cream-based ice creams.



There’s nothing boring about this classic, old-fashioned flavor. With only four ingredients, this Vanilla Ice Cream is easy to make and the perfect base for a banana split or traditional sundae.


Cookies and Cream

Who doesn’t love cookies and milk? Everyone will be clamoring for a spoonful of this smooth and crunchy Cookies and Cream Ice Cream made with delicious Oreo cookies.


Salted Caramel

hand holding salted caramel ice cream waffle cone

This decadent combo of caramel and salty goodness was made for enjoying in a waffle cone. Top it off with this homemade chocolate sauce to sweeten the deal.

Whether you enjoy your homemade concoction in a cone or a cup, we hope these crowd-pleasing recipes help you churn out something absolutely delicious this summer.