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Spring Activities for Families




Guess what? Springtime is right around the corner! When we daydream of this sunny time of the year, we think of flowers blooming, lush grass, fresh air, and all the warm-weather activities we’ve been wanting to do! ☀️




To make sure you have the most fun-filled season, we’ve come up with some unique and easy ways for the whole family to celebrate spring together.

mother father posing with their son at a local park near by

Plant Flowers 🌸

As the popular saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” so now is the time to add some color and beauty to your backyard! These wildflower seeds are native to California and show seedlings after just a few weeks! To find out what other stunning plants will thrive in your outdoor area, take the kids on a field trip to a local nursery.

planting flowers in the garden with garden tools and fresh flowers

Have a Photoshoot in Nature 📷

With warmer weather and more hours of sunlight, spring was made for taking photos of nature! Grab your digital camera or smartphone, and hit the scenic trails in our community! If you want to get your kids in on the action, purchase a disposable camera and have them take turns snapping photos of their favorite flowers, trees, clouds, etc. Once all the photos have been taken, you can get them developed as a memento!

Make a Bird Feeder 🐦

Have birds been frequenting your outdoor areas? Why not make them feel welcome with a homemade bird feeder! Pull out your glue gun, grab some bird-approved seeds, and make the ultimate bird mansion. This bird feeder kit is environmentally friendly and comes unfinished so your kids can paint it however they want!

bird feeder hanging from branch in our new single family home

🎶 Let's Go Fly a Kite 🎶

Have you paid a visit to Mountain House’s newest amenity, Hansen Park? Located adjacent to Hansen Elementary School, this expansive park offers plenty of open spaces for a variety of outdoor activities, including flying kites! Invest in a sturdy kite that will last all season and let your kids reach new heights!

Go on a Bike Ride Adventure 🚲

Bike rides are a fun way to be active, and can either be the whole activity or part of a bigger experience. Our favorite way to enjoy a bike ride in Mountain House? Pack up a blanket and some goodies, and bike to one of our gorgeous parks for a family picnic! Here are some of our favorite picnic dishes that are simple and delicious.

couple riding retro bikes on our community bike path walking path hiking trails


Whatever way you choose to kick off this beautiful season, we hope you and your family have a wonderful spring full of adventures and everlasting memories. 🤗