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How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude


As much as we love turkey and football on Thanksgiving, the heart of this delicious holiday is about being thankful. Did you know that practicing gratitude has been scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system and improve your mental health? Becoming a more thankful person is an active choice that will make you more self-aware and happier! To make gratitude an everyday habit, incorporate some of these easy tips into your life.


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Send Gratitude Messages To Friends

When is the last time you told a loved one you were thankful for them? Text a couple of friends each week to let them know how much you appreciate them. This thoughtful gesture is an easy way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them.

Practice Mindfulness With Your Family

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Expressing gratitude out loud can be a fun activity at family dinners. Have each person at the dinner table mention what they were thankful for that day, or something positive that happened to them.


Practice gratitude by volunteering in your community. Helping those in need can inspire you to reflect on your own circumstances and not take things for granted. It can also help you become a more positive and compassionate person.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

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Take a few minutes in the evening to jot down some of the positive things that happened throughout your day. If you have a rough day in the future, you can look back through the pages and remember all the good that’s in your life.

Thank Yourself

Do you know how awesome you are? Yes, you! Gratitude doesn’t always need to be focused on what others do for you. Take time to thank yourself for the healthy habits you’ve cultivated, or the kind things you’ve done for others.

We hope these gratitude ideas will help you become a more thankful person for years to come.