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Help Your Kids Thrive This New School Year



Summer is over, and now children are preparing for a new school year. Whether they’re simply moving grades or starting in an entirely new place, the transition isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re providing you with tips on how to make this school year amazing!


 a student carries books on her way to school

Time for a Shopping Spree!

a person looks through clothing racks

A new school year is a great excuse to splurge on a whole new wardrobe. Find outfits that are appropriate for the classroom, but don’t take full control. By allowing your child input into their school clothes, you can help build the independence and confidence that will encourage them to do well in the classroom. Tip: graphic tees featuring favorite movies and characters are great icebreakers for making new friends!

Start Every Day With a Nutritious Breakfast

a breakfast spread sits on a wooden table

The best way to stay energized all day long is with a delicious breakfast. Fruits, eggs, juices, and yogurt are all great choices to keep your aspiring scholars awake and alert. Not everyone has time to sit down to a feast every morning, but meal-prepping is the perfect way to ensure that breakfast is never an afterthought. You can’t go wrong with yogurt parfait, a fast, delicious, and healthy way to get fueled for the day.

Plan a Routine

a planner lies open with muffins and tea

Invest in a daily planner to keep your child organized and on-track with homework, projects, and activities, and avoid unnecessary stress. Don’t forget to encourage your child to put their personality into their planner with drawings, stickers, and colors to make every day exciting!

Get Involved

dance students dance in a studio

School isn’t just somewhere to get an education. It’s a place to have fun and make friends, and there’s no better way to do that than by joining a club. Sit with your child and look through their school’s club and organization list to find one that best suits their passions, whether that’s dance, art, or a sports team.

Talk, Talk, Talk!

a mother helps her son with his homework

It is extremely important to communicate with your child, so you know exactly what’s going on in their lives. Make yourself available by asking questions every day when they get home from school, whether it’s about what they learned or what they did during their breaks. When you show interest in your child’s life—no matter how simple—they are more likely to approach you with bigger issues.

Schools in Mountain House are some of the best in the county, dedicating every day to provide children the opportunities to learn and grow. By utilizing the tips above, you can help the Lammersville Unified School District on its mission to give each and every child a positive school experience they will never forget.