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Spread Some Love on World Kindness Day



World Kindness Day, celebrated on November 13th, promotes the importance of being kind to others, to yourself, and to the world. This day helps everyone understand that compassion not only makes a difference but makes the world a better place. Here are some ways you can promote joy and kindness from your Mountain House home!




a person in a “volunteer” shirt snaps a photo

Many people in our country go hungry, and you can help ease their struggles by volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Tracy Interfaith Ministries is only minutes away from Mountain House, and is always looking for new faces to get involved. Drop by anytime Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 2 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM, to weigh food, sort clothes, and participate in seasonal events, such as their holiday and buyback programs, and the annual auction.

Hang Out With a Friend

two girls laugh and drink

If you know one of your friends has been going through a difficult time, this is the perfect opportunity to reach out. Give your friend a call and extend an invitation to meet for lunch. You may not be able to solve all of their problems, but you can help lift their spirits as you catch up and make each other laugh.

Help a Stranger

a girl helps a boy up

A good way to promote kindness is to pay it forward. Help an elderly person take their groceries to the car, give up your seat on the bus to a mother with children, or simply hold the door open for someone else. Grabbing a Starbucks? Buy the next drink for the person behind you! Your act of kindness is sure to make each person’s day better, and may even inspire them to be kind to others, too.

Donate to a Charity

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Help make a difference in the world by donating to a charity. Depending on where you choose to donate, your contribution will go a long way in helping hungry and impoverished children, abused and neglected animals, the homeless, and others in need.

Treat Yourself

a bathtub with candles, books, and tea

Sometimes, you need to be kind to yourself, and today is the perfect day to do just that. Do all of your favorite things, whether it’s soaking in a bubble bath, shopping for new clothes, or relaxing with a good book. At the end of the day, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

We hope this blog has inspired you to spread kindness to your fellow Mountain House neighbors and beyond, and that you savor the joy that comes from being kind every day going forward.