Stay Informed!

Pawsitively Safe This Halloween



Halloween should be a night full of treats, rather than tricks. However, with all the lights, decorations, and groups of strangers in costumes at your front door, the experience can be downright spooky for your pets. That’s why it’s important to make sure the holiday is as fun and safe for them as it is for you and your family! Read on for tips on how to keep your pets secure and happy all night long.




a dog stands with pumpkin


A Safe Pet Is a Happy Pet

a dog snoozes with a lion toy

Halloween can be scary and overwhelming for pets, especially with so many strangers on your doorstep in unusual costumes. In order to avoid escape attempts and unexpected aggression, set up a safe spot away from the constantly-ringing doorbell and the hordes of people. Consider housing your pets in a crate or a room with a door you can close. Give your pets a soft bed, their favorite toy, and maybe one of your shirts so they can be comforted by your scent.

Make Sure Pets Are Easily Identifiable

a collared cat sits on the pavement

During Halloween night, you’re sure to see lots of trick-or-treaters. While it’s fun to hand out candy and see everyone’s costumes, the constant opening and shutting of your front door poses a risk for your pets, as they can easily bolt out of the house. Before answering the door, make sure your pets are wearing the proper identification tags and are microchipped. In the event they do escape, you are more likely to be contacted and enjoy a sweet reunion if the person who finds them can easily identify where they belong.

Choose a Comfy Costume or None at All!

a puppy wears a dragon costume

There’s nothing cuter than dressing your pets for Halloween. However, it is important that their costume allows them to move, bark or meow, see, and breathe freely. If they are restricted in any way—or if they fight against wearing it—you’re better off not making them wear costumes. Your furry friend will feel a lot happier, and will be able to enjoy the night safely.

Keep the Candy for the Ghouls and Goblins

a bowl of candy

Halloween means candy! Unfortunately, candy, especially chocolate, is extremely dangerous to pets. The bowl intended for trick-or-treaters should be kept well out of reach for the entirety of the night, and for as long as you have leftovers. If, by chance, your pets get into the candy, make sure you call your veterinarian and poison control as soon as possible.

Curious Pets and Halloween Decorations Don’t Mix

a jack-o-lantern wears a witches a hat

Jack-o-lanterns are a great way to add a festive feel during the Halloween season! However, pets are naturally curious, and they are likely to get into your decorations. If you are using a candle to light your pumpkins, your pets can accidentally singe their fur, or knock the pumpkin over, and start a fire. If you do choose to use real candles, place your jack-o-lanterns out of reach, or even better, use fake candles so there is no risk of injury.

With all of these tips, you are now ready to have a fun and comfortable Halloween with your fur babies!