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Get Artistic Around Mountain House



Though there is so much beautiful art in the world, the pieces that resonate with us the most are the ones that remain with us for a lifetime. On Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, we at Mountain House encourage you to develop a strong connection with art, whether that’s by attending a local art exhibit or making something of your own. Read on for more inspiring ideas!



Go to a Local Art Gallery

a woman looks at art in a museum

One of the easiest ways to appreciate art is by heading to a local art exhibit. Here, you’ll find artwork from area artists—you might even know some of them! Take a few minutes to study each painting and sculpture, and think about the artist’s intention and message behind their piece. After you’ve looked at every exhibit, you’re sure to leave feeling more connected to the art world around you. Pro Tip: Bring a notebook along to write down your interpretation of each piece, and how they make you feel.

Look at Comic Books

an X-Men comic book

Comic books offer a great way to enjoy the various styles of graphic artists. Pull out your collection—or check some out at Mountain House Library—and spend the day looking through a few. Focus on the storyline, the designs of each character, and their unique expressions. What makes comics so great are the dedication and talent of everyone involved, especially the artists and writers who bring these heroes to life. After you close each book, you’ll definitely have a newfound appreciation for the hard work put into these colorful publications! Pro Tip: We recommend Heartstopper by Alice Oseman. Not only will you get to enjoy adorable art, but you’ll also love the heartwarming and inclusive romance.

Move to the Rhythm

a girl listens to music

Music is a powerful force, and it is one of the most popular artforms today. Put on your headphones, listen to your favorite playlist, and let each beat escort you into another world. As the music resonates within you, give into your urges, and dance without reservation! Even after the song is over, and you’ve put your headphones away, let the rhythm continue to energize and inspire you. Check out Today’s Top Hits to listen to some of the best songs of 2022, and get moving today.

Take an Art Class

a person works on an art piece

A great way to obtain a deep connection to art is by forming a personal one. You can achieve this goal by attending a local art class. As you learn about the history of the medium—and try your hand at a few techniques—you’ll better understand the skill and dedication that goes into creating art. Though you may have a long way to go, by the end of the day, you’ll surely be inspired enough to stay on the journey.

Memorialize the Moment

someone takes a photo of a lake

Artistic inspiration can strike at any moment. The best thing about having a phone is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty around you. So, no matter where you are—the park, the beach, or the mountains—as soon as creativity hits, take out your phone and snap a photo. Who knows? Your shot may be so good, it might go viral!

Art is all around us, and it only continues to grow. We hope this blog has inspired you to always look for the beauty in everything, and appreciate the hard work put into each and every creative piece!