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A tight-knit community of open hearts, open minds and open spaces. Over 10 years, we’ve cultivated our own hometown. A richly diverse, passionate community culture where neighbors not only know each other, we’re friends. Maybe our kids go to the same school or we met at the Kite Festival, the Tennis Club or at one of the many Cultural Celebrations. Whatever our connection, we’re all in on the same secret, this special place just over the pass we call home. We even have our own zip code.

See how we live.

Housing Community in Mountain House California

Our future Town Center Plan is taking shape. Visit the Town Center website for more information.

Town Center »

Children reading books in Mountain House California
Basketball and other community sports in Mountain House California
Girl jump roping in Mountain House California
Woman walking her dog in Mountain House California
Kids playing flag football in Mountain House CA
Mother pushing her stroller in Mountain House California
Community picnics in Mountain House California